About Us

The Children's Shelter has changed its location many times since its founding. In 1961 it was finally relocated to Zvecanska 52 where it operated for 37 years. In 1998 it was temporarily moved to Bulevar oslobodjenja 219 because of reconstruction, but never returned to Zvecanska 52. Today it still operates in Bulevar oslobodjenja 219 within the Institute for Education of Children and Youth.

The space in Zvecanska 52 was 1,130 m2, while today the Shelter operates on only 250 m2, with the official capacity of 30 children, while only having 16 beds. This capacity is not nearly enough to take of all the children of Serbia that need our help.


Around 600 children and adolescents, ages 7-18, come to the Shelter every year. They are brought to us by their Centers for Social Work, the police or court. Every year more and more children come to us on their own looking for shelter and help.

The children who walk through our doors are those without parental care or adequate care, abandoned and abused children, victims of human trafficking, children with behavioral and social disorders, children from readmission and other vulnerable groups.

The Children's Shelter has two programs for child care:

1) The Shelter Program (up to 30 days)

2) The Reception Centre program (up to 7 days)

The stay in The Shelter Program is limited by the law to a maximum of 30 days, except in the matter of children undergoing a court process, where the stay is prolonged until the process is finalized.

All the children receive a psychological evaluation and a recommended level of care for post-shelter care.  At The Children's Shelter, kids participate in various workshops, field trips and an array of learning activities. All children are given assessments, medical care, a social history, a developmental history, and a psychological examination and interview.

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