Children's Shelter, Belgrade

Win for the Children's Shelter The Belgrade Children's Shelter accommodates and helps the most vulnerable children of Serbia - those without parental or adequate care, abandoned and abused children, victims of human trafficking… The Shelter operates on only 250 m2 with 16 beds.

We need a new home!

It is necessary for the Shelter to relocate to a new house of at least 400 m2 near the centre of Belgrade, with an increased capacity of 30 beds.


Because of the number of children coming from all over Serbia, the new house must be near the city centre were it would be close to hospitals, bus and railroad stations. Even though we have 16 beds, the number of children that comes to us for help often exceeds 25, when they have to sleep on mattresses in the hallway or living room. Increasing the capacity to 30 beds would solve this serious problem.

At the moment the Shelter has only two rooms from individual work with children. 400 m2 would provide enough space for simultaneous individual work and group workshops at any given moment.

It’s time for us to move...

Win for the Children's ShelterThis summer we celebrated three years from the beginning of the project “Win for the Children’s Shelter” which has the aim to raise funds for a new, larger home.

There will always be a need for such an institution and it is the responsibility of us all to help the children of Serbia to get a larger space.

During 56 years, we’ve taken into care over 70.000 children. A new house would provide help to many future generations of the most vulnerable children.

Join us!

Only with your help can we provide what the children need most – a new home.

Make your donation today. Thank you.