Needed Items

We have made a list of the most needed items for the Children's Shelter. If you are able to donate some of them, please contact us via Thank you.

Dear friends, the Shelter has enough clothes for the moment. Since there is little room, we have no space to put additional clothes.

1. Toilet paper, paper towels, menstrual pads, liquid soap, shampoo, laundry detergent

2. Household cleaning products (like Sanitar, Domestos and Axel)

3. Sneakers, winter shoes and boots (for girls and boys, sizes: 36-44)

4. Winter jackets (for girls and boys, ages 7-18)

5. Pillows (20 pillows)

6. Slippers- for girls and boys (sizes: 36-44)

7. Socks -for girls and boys (sizes: 36-44)

8. Pajamas (for girls and boys, ages 7-18)

We thank you for your presents!

Ves masinaMembers of Ateisti Srbije and bought the children a laundry machine.




Mirjana Pavlovic with her husband Vanni Montagner and sister Ljiljana Weheliy and friend Betty, bought the children enough boots for the following winter.



Vladimir Cirkovic and his family donated a vacuum cleaner to the Children's Shelter.





A great thank you to Jelena Kisic-Trope and Claes Trope from Norway who bought the children 18 pair of boots for the coming winter.


ATS BeogradThank you to the dear students of the Architectural Technical School (ATS) for their presents.



PokloniA great thanks to Branka J, Agneza Vujkov, Dejan K, Sandra S. and Goca J.



Boks Mrakovicka 29Boks S.Z.R. (Mrakovička 29) gave the children 20 pairs of sneakers.



poklon ognjen dolibicThanks to Ognjen Dolibić who sent his donation all the way from Canada, we bought enough beddings and slippers for the Children's Shelter.


pklon eparhija backaThe Backa Eparchy brought the children a new CD player.



poklon puls magazinFriends from Magazin "Puls" gave to the children a DVD, TV, towels, and with the help of the "Jasmil" company, pajamas "Extreme intimo".


poklon tv Dear Natalija Hristina Stanković gave her friends from the Shelter her TV set.



Ljubav vera nada Thanks to the donation of Ljubav-Vera-Nada Fine Inc we bought an iron, toaster, fan and water heater.


DVD Thanks to Srdjan for bringing the children a DVD set.